Chakra Balancing

Our body’s life force flows through energy centers, or chakras, which can become blocked.  This technique opens blocked chakras; enhancing physical, mental and emotional health.  The meridian lines of earth, water, air and fire become balanced, allowing the chakras to flow properly providing you with greater peace and balance.

House Blessing

This purifies and redirects the energies to create a most sacred and abundant living space.  Bless your house or work place.

Isis Healing

Using many powerful energies; this modality will bring forth a death and rebirth within you, allowing you to take your next steps on your spiritual path.  Sacred adornments are placed on your etheric body allowing the energies of enlightenment and empowerment to flow through your mind and heart.  This means more energy for you, more usage of your brain capacity and more vitality for everyday life.  These energies in turn create a spin within your being that will enhance all parts of your life and start programming your mind for success and happiness.


Meditation quiets the mind, promotes mental and physical wellness and helps you focus.